Green Smile is a consulting agency in agriculture.

Green Smile is your privileged  contact for  a technical expertise in your horticultural environment.  We will support you into improving your crop management for more profitability.

Our vision of consulting is to produce a diagnosis of a situation based on our experience and describe solutions to implement. But our role is primarily to support the change.

In our annual conference (Agriconferences) we debate various strategic issues related to the fruits and vegetables industry and we invite experts, producers, institutionals to present and discuss the latest advances on the subject. In 2009, we have initiated a study showing the need for Moroccan growers to change their production tool and adopt modern greenhouses to reach a higher technical level, to control the climate and increase the yield.

We participate in studies on targeted topics such as:
How to improve the level of production in Morocco (quality, quantity, variety …)
How to support farms in their implementation of corporate management principles.

Our Specialties:
– Greenhouses in Morocco and their modernization
– Management of the greenhouse climate
– Soilless cultivation
– Plastic cover and standardization
– Export markets and diversification
– Logistics and Transportation
– Business Strategies
– Marketing and Communication Strategies

– Human Resource Management
– Quality Management
– Finance, accounting and taxation